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Helping You Grow Successfully (HUGS), Inc.’s purpose is to help college- bound, at-risk and foster youth transition into adulthood successfully by implementing a holistic approach as well as providing a safe place to access community resources. The organization strives to assist the youth in successfully transitioning into adulthood by maintaining stable and suitable housing, remaining free from legal involvement, participating in an educational/vocational program and developing the life skills necessary to become responsible citizens. The organization will move forward in implementing various Programs within Clinton, Maryland area pertaining to the aforementioned items while providing varied financial contributions to eligible program participants. Lastly, the organization will have strategies to implement follow-up initiatives assisting participants in their long-term success. The organization plans to operate weekly within the Prince George’s County area for all community youth that show an interest and need.

Housing Initiatives
Crime-Free Youth Initiatives
Educational & Vocational Programming
Financial Contributions
Program Alumni Services